Your list

Dragon Needles Barrier
Evil Shock
Fairy Ray
Flame God's Cloud
Gravity Grasp
Gravity Push
Heaven Breakdown
Heavenly Blast
Heaven Palm
Heavenly Beams
Heavenly Arrows
Iron Dragon's Restraint
Black Tornado
Thunder Overcast


Fairy Combination: Dust and Orb
Darkness Shield
Paper Pinwheel
Dragon's Blade Edge
Fire and Iron Dragon's Roar
Fire and Sky Dragon's Roar
Fire, Iron and Sky Dragon's Roar
Fire and Iron Dragon's Blazing Club
Ground Shattering Wave
Sinner's Branding
Blinding Light
Dark Beam
Water Beam
Purple Beam
Wind Blade
Sand Blast
Darkness Shield
Dark Barrier
Tree Shield
Hair Shield
Wave Rush
Wave Shield
Wave Bullet
Gust Shield
White Dragon's Punch
Giant Wave Attack
Darkness Spread
Black Lightning Sphere
Water Slash
Flame Slash
Evil Push
Bomb Formula
Thorn Charge
Thorn Projectile
Water Kick Strike
Water Spear Strike
Iron Dragon's Hammer
Iron Dragon's Shovel
Lightning Rays
Water Blast
Wind & Lightning Unison
Wind Blast

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