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Welcome to the Grammar Guild
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Welcome to the Grammar Guild. If you have any questions please contact the Guild Master or one of our S-Class Mages, thank you.

  • Info on joining our Guild is posted below.
  • All Mages are allowed to take the S-Class jobs.
  • Do not alter the Jewels on any of the jobs listed below.
  • Contact Wrath about info on the jobs listed below.
  • Enjoy your stay while with our Guild, and I hope that you will consider joining.

Welcome to noticeboard, here you can read what's been happening with the guild.

Sup Template:Visitor,

Well, with November's end, let's congratulate Wrath, it's sexy Mage of the Month~! Bitchin'.

So this goes out to whoever reads this, but the Grammar Guild is now accepting all applications. There is no deadline to application. If you want to join, post your application on the talk page and then Prime or I will review it and give you the nay or the go-ahead.

As time goes on, we all get busier, and it's extremely hard to juggle your responsibilities, both on and off the web. Though, don't forget, the staple is that you need to complete 2 jobs every 3 months to remain a member of the guild. However, if you're having any issues, don't be afraid to let us know what's going on; the two of us are very understanding and will work around what you can give.

That's all, so see you next month.

Grammar GuildEdit

The Grammar Guild is a group of Fairy Tail Wiki users who have the clean-up task of correcting grammar on our articles by making sure the grammar within articles is correct and proper. All users should read over our Grammar Guidelines before you take any jobs!

Guild StatsEdit

Guild Colors  Jet 
Guild Mascot Mavis
Guild Crest Grammar Guild Logo
Official Teams None

Roles of the Grammar GuildEdit

The following are the duties of the guild:

1. To improve the grammar of our wiki's pages.
2. To improve the syntax of our wiki's pages.
3. To change past tense on our articles to present tense.
4. To understand that grammar checks aren't a one-time thing, and unless the character is dead, the grammar work on their page will not end until the series itself ends.


If any non-members wish to see a particular page checked for grammar errors, then leave a message on the talk page and the Guild Master or one of the S-Class Mages will add it to the list of jobs.


Mage Signature Admission Date Current Status
Supervisor IamJakuhoRaikoben (Talk) Iam...    JakuhōRaikōben April 10, 2012 Active
Guild Master Wrath022 (Talk) WrathChibi RogueZero March 11, 2013 Active
Mage TheCarrotSaysYumYum (Talk) ☆°・*CarrotSays...*・°☆ April 14, 2012 Active
Mage FairyRaven (Talk) Raven0x30px0x30px(S)talk November 13, 2012 Active


  • Has the right to promote and demote users.
  • Has the right to add jobs to the request board.
  • Has the right to add jobs to the request board with the appropriate Jewels.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Guild and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to remove inactive users.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.

Guild MasterEdit

  • Is the primary contact for the Guild.
  • Has the right to add jobs to the request board.
  • Has the right to add jobs to the request board with the appropriate Jewels.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Guild and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to remove inactive users.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.

S-Class MageEdit

  • Has the right to report inactive users to the Guild Master.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Guild and add their name to the registry in the Guild Master's absence.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.


  • Have the right to take and complete jobs.

Former MagesEdit


Here at the Grammar Guild, you pick up jobs from the Jobs section below, and check the entire page for grammar errors and syntax mistakes. Each Job is worth a certain amount of Jewels, and at the end of the month, Wrath will tally all the jewels and whoever has earned the most Jewels in a particular month will be called the Mage of the Month. If you see a job that you want to take, simply put "Taken by" and your signature beside it. Once you are finished, place "Completed by" beside it, and it will be checked for completion.

If any members wish to take a particular page and check it for grammar errors, they should leave a message on the Guild Master's talk page and inform him of it and how much they wish to receive for it.

When signing up for a job please use ~~~ instead of ~~~~ so that your timestamp isn't left.

Joining the Grammar GuildEdit


If you wish to join the Guild, fill out the application below and post it on the guild talk page, and after your application has been reviewed and accepted, the Guild Master or an S-Class Mage will add your name to the list of members. All users should be dedicated to referencing our wiki, and must not be anonymous users. If you wish to join the guild, you must create an account.

Excommunication from our GuildEdit

In general, any users that go two months without successfully completing at least 3 jobs will be excommunicated from the Grammar Guild. If you cannot meet the quota, please inform the Guild Master or one of the S-Class Mages and you will be excused from the quota limit. When you are excommunicated, you must take our Guild's Badge off of your userpage within two days of being notified of your excommunication. If you do not remove it, one of your fellow Guild members will. Before a Guild Member is excommunicated, they must be warned at least 2 weeks in advance. The Guild Master or one of the S-Class Mages should handle this. Excommunications aren't permanent and if you wish to rejoin the guild, simply re-apply.


{{Fairy Tail Wiki:Grammar Guild/Application
|How long have you been on the Fairy Tail Wiki?=
|Other Guilds?=
|Do you edit any other wikis?=
|If yes, can any users from those wikis vouch for you being a good editor?=
|If you answered yes to the previous question, provide their usernames.=
|Do you have sufficient knowledge regarding basic wiki codes, such as adding images to the text, creating links and formatting text?=
|How often can you edit?=
|Is English your native language?=
|How good is your grammar?=
|And now, time to show off some grammar. Tell us something about yourself in five sentences. If you don't feel at ease by revealing personal information to strangers living in the other part of the world, feel free to invent something fictional. What you tell us doesn't have to make sense. Just be grammatically correct!=
|Why do you want to join the Grammar Guild?=
|If accepted, when could you start?=

Grammar GuidelinesEdit

For a full page grammar edit, copy the page into Microsoft word, run the page through a spell check and judge whether or not the change it is telling you to make is actually a correct change. If so, go back into the actual article and make the change. Once you have gone through the spell check, give it a read through and make sure that everything flows and that you did not miss anything. Understand that not all users on this site are native English speakers, as such, the way they word things may not be the most understandable, BE SURE YOU CHECK AND FIX THAT!!

  • Please maintain the History sections of articles in the past tense. All other sections of an article should be placed in present tense.
  • Always use american convention.
  • If you come across any names that have not been changed to their proper form given in Kodansha's official volumes, please correct it. See Name Spellings for details.
  • Please make sure that names that are spelled with either of these characters (ōūó) are spelled correctly with the appropriate characters. For example Gatō not Gatou and Oración Seis not Oracion Seis.
  • Please change past tense to present tense EXCEPT in the history section.

Official LanguageEdit

The content of this wiki is expressed in English. This is an English language wiki and all edits are expected to be carried out in English (with exception to the Japanese content required via technique, powers or skill names determined by the content of the series). This includes articles, forum posts, blogs and talk pages. If a user's second language is English and they are not apprised of correct grammar and sentence structure we can only ask that you have someone help you with the content you wish to provide here as editing will be extremely difficult if you can not properly understand or converse with others in the community. Such edits would likely end up undone as they cannot be understood.

Spelling in WordsEdit

There are many different types of English; such as: American English and British English. To prevent this from leading to conflicts, Fairy Tail Wiki chose American English as our main form of English. For more information, please see the examples below. Also see American and British English spelling differences on Wikipedia.

Aluminium Aluminum Aluminum
Moustache Mustache Mustache
Sledge Sled Sled
Speciality Specialty Specialty

-our (Armour) -or (Armor) -or
-re (Centre) -er (Center) -er
-ce (Licence) -se (License) -se
-ise (Organise) -ize (Organize) -ize
-ogue (Catalogue) -og (Catalog) -og
No dropped e (ageing) Dropped e (aging) Dropped e

Guild MarkEdit

For use by members only!!!

Grammar Guild Logo This user is a Mage of the Grammar Guild.

Type {{GrammarGuild}} on your user page; this mark is a symbol that you're a member of our Guild. If you are excommunicated from the Guild, you must remove it from your user page, or another user will remove it for you.

For use of former members ONLY!

Former Mage This user is a former Mage of the Grammar Guild.

However, you can replace it with {{FormerMage|guild=Grammar}}, which is a symbol of you being a former Mage of our guild.

Request BoardEdit

Completed PagesEdit

List of Pages that were completed this month. For all the others, please view the Completed Archives below.

Completed Archive

Erza working

Monthly TotalEdit

This is the spot to tally all the Jewels that all our current Mages have. At the end of the month, whoever has the most Jewels is named the Mage of the Month.

January '15 February '15 March '15 April '15 May '15 June '15
IamJakuhoRaikoben 0Jewel
Wrath022 0Jewel
TheCarrotSaysYumYum 0Jewel
FairyRaven 0Jewel

Mages of the MonthEdit

December '14